Detox your body

Detox your body

Re-energise your body in just 30 minutes

The relaxing 30 minute treatment involves placing your feet into a specialist Bio-Energiser Detox Spa, filled with warm salted water. The Bio-Energiser Spa will remove any unwanted toxins and waste by sending signals up through the lymph glands. The treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and revived.


  • The Bio-Energiser Detox Spa starts the process of re-balancing your body's Bio Energy. Effectively re-balancing the cells equilibrium of positive and negative ions which in turn 'kick starts' the dispersal of the unwanted toxins
  • The re-newed re-balancing of the cells ensures re-hydration resulting in optimum efficiency of their function to extract nutrients and dispose of unwanted waste.
  • The result will be renewed energy levels, both physical and mental, with a general feeling of well being.
  • The treatment can also help encourage weight loss.

Please note

  • You must be over 15 years.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water after your treatment.

You cannot use the Bio-Energiser Detox system if:-

  • You are pregnant or you are breast feeding.
  • You are suffering from an unknown illness.
  • You have implants fitted.
  • You suffer from any form of epilepsy.
  • You have a pacemaker.