Notice Strictly over 18's only

ID is required so please don't be offended if asked. We accept a valid passport or driving license

Our sunbed and sunshower are equipped with the latest, high quality UV tubes. All clients receive expert advice and a consultation prior to using our equipment, to ensure safe and successful tanning.

For clients who enjoy a relaxing lay-down experience, our sunbed is the perfect match

For clients who prefer to stand up in a hygienic and energizing tanning booth, our sunshower will ensure that you get the best tan possible.

Our sunbed and sushower will ensure that you achieve your tan in responsible and controlled environment.


The four main elements we rely on for our lives and well being are air, water, earth and sun. Take any of these forces away and we would not exist. Natural sunlight is the source of all life on earth. If provides energy, warmth and light and has done for millions of years. The sun gives us a sense of well-being, a tan and healthy feeling about ourselves, which is often associated with good looks and health and success.

Experts claim that the sun and sunbeds enhance the physical well-being, strengthen the immune system, can lift depression and increase the body's defences. It is also the only source of vitamin D, which improves the body's absorption of calcium, particularly into the bones and can help prevent Osteoporosis. 80% of Osteoporosis suffers show improvement with UV exposure and 70% of patients with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) show an improvement after light treatment.

Before you use a sunbed

  • Remove body and facial cosmetics and jewellery
  • Remove contact lenses
  • Do not use outdoor sun lotions or sunscreens
  • Always wear protective goggles that are available at reception.

Whilst on a sunbed

  • Always wear the protective goggles.
  • Don't allow anyone in the room.
  • If you notice any abnormal skin reactions, stop immediately and seek advice.

After using a sunbed

  • Do not use a sunbed on the same day
  • Wait at least 24 hours before the next session (48 hours between the 1st and 2nd session.
  • You may moisturise your skin
  • Never exceed the recommended number of sessions
  • Take a break between each sun bed course including summer holidays
  • If you notice at any time sores or usual moles on your skin, consult a doctor